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A transcription of this cemetery may be found in Beaver Township Cemeteries, Pike County, Ohio, Marion Township Cemeteries, Pike County, Ohio, Tombstone Inscriptions compiled by the Pike County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (Waverly, Ohio: James Printing, 1987).

Beaver Union Cemetery, Beaver Township

Photographed 20 April 2006 by Yolanda Campbell Lifter

Beaver Union view 1
Beaver Union view 2
Beaver Union view 3
Adams, John
Adams, F. Gail Wood
Adams, Louis William
Albin, Nancy
Balzer, Bennie
Balzer, Catherine E.
Balzer, Peter
Bapst, Lewis
Bobst, Elizabeth
Bobst, Peter
Brust, Catherine
Buehler, Charles L.
Buehler, Elizabeth
Butcher, Adam T.
Butcher, Charles H.
Butcher, George D.
Butcher, Hiram
Butcher, John Emerson
Butcher, Mary
Butcher, Mollie C.
Butcher, Myra C.
Butcher, Nancy
Butcher, Paul W.
Butcher, Sarah E.
Butcher, Wm.
Butcher, William
Butcher, William H.
Butler, Daniel H.
Butler, Edmund R.
Butler, Eliza
Butler, H.C.
Butler, Lillie P.
Butler, Sarah
Carlile, Nancy
Chandler, Elizabeth
Chandler, Ishmael
Cook, Martha
Cook, Zachariah
Cordle, Flora
Cordle, Jarret
Curnutte, Amanda
Curnutte, Anna
Curnutte, Hensley
Dykes, Sarah A.
Freidley, John F.
Freidley, Zuba W.
Haddle, Adam
Halterman, Lucille
Hartley, Charles E.
Hartley, Emily J.
Hartley, Horatio S.
Hartley, James M.
Hartley, Mary E.
Hartley, Mary E.
Hartley, Mearill F.
Hayman, Comfort
Hines, Elizabeth
Hines, Fred
Hoover, Della H.
Hoover, Frank H.
Ingall, John Frederick
Ingall, Margaret E.
Kuntz, Barbara
Kuntz, P.J.
Lyons, John W.
Lyons, Laney B.
Mason, Betty L.
Mason, Betty Lee
McDonald, Christena
McDonald, Samuel
Merriman, Christena
Merriman, William
Milam, Charles P.
Milam, Josa Westfall
Milam, Olive
Miller, Erna
Miller, Gertrude
Miller, L. Edgel
Miller, Pricy L.
Moser, Lida Plumb
Nicodemus, Mary B.
Nocidemus, William E.
Offenbaker, Belvia C.
Offenbaker, George E.
Patrick, J. Otho
Patrick, Mary E.
Plumb, Caroline F.
Plumb, John A.
Rader, Adolphus
Rapp, Christian
Rapp, John
Rapp, Mary
Rapp, Mary
Raynolds, Elizabeth
Raynolds, G.W.
Raynolds, George W.
Rhea, Sarah
Rhea, Wesley
Slaughter, Annas J. Jackson
Slaughter, Isaac T.
Slaughter, Johnie B.
Slaughter, Sarah Ann
Slaughter, Willie T.
Smith, Jesse E.
Smith, Ora Mae
Stoll, George
Stoll, John F.
Stoll, Margaret
Westfall, Catharine
Westfall, Mary Elizabeth
Westfall, Timothy
Whited, Benj. Frank
Whited, Jane E.
Wickline, Anna F.
Wickline, Isaac E.
Wolfenberger, Phillip
Wood, Harry
Wood, Linnie Pratt
Woten, Jemima
Woten, Lewis
Yeager, Joseph
Yeager, Perry
Yeager, Sarah A.
Zimmerman, John

Pike County, Ohio

Yolanda Campbell Lifter, Pike County Coordinator

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